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Why Choose Women's Health Specialists in Paramus?

At Physical Therapy Paramus, we provide postpartum women with the right care and treatment. Our team of physical therapists are trained to help improve the appearance of your abdominal muscles, while helping maintain your strength and balance. We offer a combination of treatments like core strengthening, pelvic floor therapy and relaxation exercises to help you feel great again.

Doctors once thought that pelvic and low back pain was inevitable because of aging. The truth, however, is that a lot of it can be attributed to Diastasis Recti. Because the abdominal muscles are not functioning properly, this in turn leads to loss of core stability and movement. Our Physical Therapy near Paramus together provides a very specific, individualized and comprehensive approach which will determine the exact course of treatment for your core instability.

Women's Health Paramus

We are committed to helping you return to a lifestyle that you enjoy as we look to preserve your health and well-being.


Our Physical Therapy Paramus office will begin with a comprehensive examination which will address the onset, cause and duration of your condition and establish the plan to help correct it. Our doctors have extensive training in all areas of physical therapy including sports injuries, chronic pain, somatic dysfunction and more.

How paramus physical therapy can help with diastasis recti

At Physical Therapy Paramus we have extensive experience treating women with diastasis recti. Diastasis recti involves separation of the abdominal muscles creating a gap between them. This results in an inability to engage in abdominal muscle massage and creates a significant impact on your health, mobility and quality of life.