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Why the springboard is essential for Pilates?

The springboard is an essential part of any Pilates studio. In fact, it is often used for beginners to get comfortable with movements like trunk twists and seated hip circles before moving on from there or doing more advanced exercises that require support underneath them while they're standing up straight.

The ultimate in board stability, the Balance Board is typically 20 inches wide and 6 feet tall. It is designed with springs of various lengths that you can adjust through 10 pairs of eye bolts on either side for an unbeatable fit.

Springboard Pilates Therapy Paramus

How Pilates Can help with Physical Therapy

We are going to help you get back on your feet at Paramus Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center. With many different types of therapies, we can restore correct muscle function as well improve any bio-mechanical structure or potential that is been lost due to injury.

The exercises will be different and this is where the Pilates springboard comes into play, helping you gain / regain the function of your Locomotor System. It is only possible with specific manual therapies that target muscles specifically for movement restoration.

The body is an amazing system that allows you to move and think with incredible efficiency. Developing mindfulness of your joints, muscles, senses will help restore control over movements by challenging core stability while training all areas together as one unit.This process not only makes us aware but also active participants in our own success.

How our unique physical therapy plus Pilates Springboard combination can help you heal

Our physical therapy plus Pilates Springboard combination at Paramus PT&Rehab approach will:

  • Eliminate pain at the source
  • Increase joint mobility
  • Increase ligament and muscular flexibility
  • Improve health and circulation to tissue and muscles
  • Improve posture
  • Increase body awareness
  • Help restore natural alignments
  • Eliminate poor tendencies that have led to slouching and stiffness
  • Reduce probability of sustaining later injuries
  • Help prevent Injuries
  • Increase ergonomic awareness
  • Shorten recovery time
  • Enable the body through proper function and stability to get fit and stronger

How to choose the right Pilates equipment for your needs

- The patient's limbs are tested individually so they can identify any problems with weight bearing or function. This ensures the individualized treatment plan will be more effective than one designed by relying just on clinical assessments alone.

- The springs on a Springboard are higher than those of a Reformer and place them either behind or in front. This affects how much force you feel when exercising, depending whether your arms are up by their shoulders.

This therapy is much more specific when pertaining to individualized exercises and limb activation. The added stability of working independently in each member allows for a stronger pull from the springs, which makes it easier on you.

The physical therapists at our facility will create a personalized treatment plan based on the patient's diagnosis. After an examination of their movement capabilities, they can offer assistance in order to increase stability and promote increased mobility while eliminating all pain.