Safety Precautions

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When you are suffering from painful orthopedic conditions, it can be difficult to find the motivation necessary for recovery. That is why we have taken measures in accordance with guidelines set by Centers For Disease Control And Prevention so that your safety will never again feel compromised while seeking physical rehabilitation at our facilities..

  • Onsite Scheduling

    We know how important it is to schedule appointments with a specialist quickly, so we work hard at avoiding large groups of patients. This way you can get the relief your body needs while also staying healthy.

  • Waiting room adjustments

    To avoid the spread of infection, our waiting rooms are designed with a maximum capacity of five people at one time. To keep things clean and sanitary we removed all items that may bring about contamination like magazines or books from these areas as well.

  • Gym Treatment Tables Block Off

    During your session, you will never be side-to-side with another patient. I have closed off and blocked every other table for treatment so that we can provide the best service possible.

  • Usage of Masks

    All of our staff members are required to wear masks at all times, including the front desk and clinical personnel. Patients will be asked upon entry into treatment if they have any allergies or concerns that may arise from wearing one; however it is not an option for those who want their services done without hassle.

  • Private Rooms

    Private rooms are available for all your appointments.

  • Virtual Appointments

    In times of pandemic, it is important to find ways for our community members and patients alike to access medical care. Through the use of online appointments through telehealth services we are providing protection within their homes while also ensuring that pain relief medication will be available at all times when needed.

  • Private Waiting

    In order to ensure the safety and comfort of our patients, we ask that you wait in your car until called. This way there will be minimal contact with other people or foreign surfaces.

  • Patient Temperature Checks

    The moment you walk into our offices, we take your temperature. This is an easy way to determine whether or not there could be COVID - 19 cases and ensure that only the most necessary staff members come in contact with infected patients! We also have regular medical team checks for this very reason too.

  • Sanitization / Hand Sanitizer

    To ensure the safety of our patients, we have taken several steps to sanitize their surroundings. These include cleaning and disinfecting your room after you leave as well as having hand-sanitizers available for all staff members who enter in any capacity during business hours at no extra charge.

Physical Therapy and Rehab Center New Jersey

We at the Physical Therapy and Rehab Center know that our patient’s well-being is the most important thing to us. We will continue providing you with pain relief, while also making sure that we keep your safety in mind every step of this process; as more information about COVID19 surfaces (and it probably surely will), then too shall these precautions change according to official health authorities.